StecoGuide drill sleeves- simple surgical guides

StecoGuide is a system of titanium drill sleeves for all kinds of surgical guides or templates. From simple vacuum formed stents to 3D printed surgical templates, we have the right sleeve.

Titanmagnetics – simply attractive

Are you bothered by frequent matrice change in locator dentures?

Titanmagnetics are easy to install on implants or root caps, even in existing dentures or to treat old cases.

The magnetic dentures are slef aligning and easy to clean because of the polished surfaces with no undercuts. There are no wear parts.

StecoGrind – zirconia telescopes

Zirconia ceramic is an impressive material but has to be treated with the right tools.

For telescopes, cones or individual attachments made of zirconia StecoGrind offers high quality diamond tools. The finest diamond grinders (4µm) leave a surface that makes dry polishing needless.