magnetic root extrusion

Crown over low fractured tooth

With the help of magnetic extrusion low fractured teeth can be pulled up to be covered with a crown.

Improve red tissue level before implantation

With the help of magnetic tooth extrusion bone can build up below the root and red tissue can be improved. After treatment an implant can be inserted in more bone and higher soft tissue level.

Extrusion principle

One magnet is fixed on the root. In a short distance a second magnet is fixed in a temporary bridge or a template. The magnetic attraction force between the two magnets pulls the root aut of the alveole slowly. Due to the slow physiologic process bone tissue follows the root. Even the gingival tissue follows the root. The maximum force between the two Titanmagnetics Y-Line extrusion magnets is ca. 1 N (100 g).

The Titanmagnetics Y-Line Extrusion-Set contains:

  • 2 Magnets, max. force ca. 1 N, Ø 3.80 mm, height 2.45 mm
  • 2 position discs – 1.0 mm (0,33 N) and 2.0 mm (0,13 N)
  • instruction for use

Advantages Titanmagnetics®

Titanmagnetics® extrusion magnets are made following the same contruction principle like our proven magnetic attachments for prosthetic fixation.

A magnet is gastightly welded in a titanium housing, which makes it corrosion proof. The surface is sandblasted for a good retention in the faxation composite. the acclusal contact surface is polished for hygienic reasons.

The magnetics positioning discs help to arrange the two magnets parallel and to protect the polished surface.

how much space is required for extrusion magnets

space requirements

The magnets have a diameter of 3.8 mm and a height of 2.45 mm. You need at least 6 mm space above the root for 1mm extrusion distance.