Airbrush for Galvano Silver conductive lacquer?

Even if we do not show the IMAGO Argentobrush in our catalogue anymore, we still sell the special silver conductive lacquer for Airbrush, the cleaning liquid and the light curing masking lacquer. Only the special airbrush silver lacquer, which contains flake shaped silver particles, makes the impressive smooth, even and thin contuctive layer. No brush will get this! This thin layer is essential for double crowns e. g. on zirconia primary crowns.

Of course we still have spare parts (needles, nozzles, washers…) and some complete airbrush systems. Call us (0049 40 55 77 810)!

Airbrush for Opacquer?

We still have some parts for the IMAGO Layerbrush system available. With the Spray-On liquid from VITA powder opacquer can be sprayed on very thin and even. This works easier and faster than somebody awaits. The system can be used for liners and bonders as well.