What is a nasal septum prosthesis?

Nasal septum prosthesis can close a fully perforated nasal septum defect. The septal defect is usually located in the cartilaginous part of the nasal septum. A perforation of the septum might lead to a debilitating disfunctions of the nose. Nasal breathing and conditioning are especially affected.  Advanced perforation of the septum can also lead to changes of the outer nasal shape.

Nasal septum prostheses are applied, when it is not possible to close the defect surgically or at huge efforts only.  For a two- or multi-partial nasal septum prosthesis, magnets offer an easy coupling. Nasal septum prostheses can be fabricated using silicone, acrylics, or both materials combined.

Plane magnets (W-Line)

The contact surfaces of the W-Line magnets are flat and can be used from both sides. They were especially designed to meet the criteria for septal prostheses. W-Line Titanmagnetics are available with and without retention ring for silicone which can be combined.

Septal prosthesis with multiple magnets

Multiple different Titanmagnetics product lines can be used to couple septal prostheses depending on the defect topography. Obturator magnets of the Z-Line and X-Line are also available for acrylics and for silicone, and with a collar for better lateral stability.