Titanmagnetics Alphatech Henry Schein

Titanmagnetics® (magnetic abutment) are available for alphatech® implant system distributed by HenrySchein®

Easy application of mini magnets

especially elderly and motoric restricted patients benefit from magnetic attachments, now available for alphatech implants. The magnetics insert and the prostheses magnet both have an own magnetic core which lets the dentures can easily find its way to the correct position in the patients mouth. The magnetic abutments are screwed under torque control with special torque wrench inserts and can replace other retention elements really fast.

available for all implant diameters

HenrySchein distributes Titanmagnetics and accesories. The small flat surface X-Line Titanmagnetics are available for all Alphatech implant diameters from ø 3.4 mm to ø 5.0 mm, with a height of 3.5 mm.

magnetic accessories

Additional system components like denture magnets, impression posts and model replicas as well as torque wrench inserts are available at HenrySchein (Germany).

versatile system

Titanmagnetics are available for a lot of implant systems and casted root post caps.