Double sleeves for Thommen Medical

Together with Thommen Medical we have developed a double drill sleeve system especially adapted to the surgical instruments of the Swiss implant manufacturer. This was necessary because the sleeves out of the universal StecoGuide drill sleeve system had been too narrow for the Thommen Medical drills.

The special drill sleeve system contains an outer sleeve with 3.5 mm inner diameter and two inner sleeves with 2.0 or 2.8 mm diameter. The outer sleeve is fixed in the template and works like a master sleeve. It takes the 2.0 and the 2.8 mm inner sleve one after another an guides the 3.5 mm VECTOdrill as well. Of course the 2.0 mm pilot drill can be guided in the 2.0 mm inner sleeve.

The sleeves are integrated in SMOP and 3Shape Implant Studio (other programs will follow). The sleeve to implant distance can be adjusted within defined limits. The depth control is done with the laser markings on the surgical drills.

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