new diameters for inner sleeves

one drill guide – several diameters

The StecoGuide double sleeve system offers a wide range of different drill sleeves in several diameters and shapes. This allows to guide different drill steps with only one surgical template in implant surgery.

Why new sizes?

Our most popular diameters for pilot drills are 2.0 and 2.2 mm. Our quality standard allows only small deviations. Some pilot drills (e.g. Straumann BLX) are beyond our tolerances with their real measures.

Therefore we offer the classical funnel shaped inner sleeves in the two additional diameters 2.1 and 2.25 mm.

the new drill sleeves:

M.27.03.D210L6 Titanium inner sleeve D3.5/d2.1/L6.0 for template guided surgery

M.27.03.D225L6 Titanium inner sleeve D3.5/d2.25/L6.0 for template guided surgery