new diameters for inner sleeves

one drill guide – several diameters

The StecoGuide double sleeve system offers a wide range of different drill sleeves in several diameters and shapes. This allows to guide different drill steps with only one surgical template in implant surgery.

Why new sizes?

Our most popular diameters for pilot drills are 2.0 and 2.2 mm. Our quality standard allows only small deviations. Some pilot drills (e.g. Straumann BLX) are beyond our tolerances with their real measures.

Therefore we offer the classical funnel shaped inner sleeves in the two additional diameters 2.1 and 2.25 mm.

the new drill sleeves:

M.27.03.D210L6 Titanium inner sleeve D3.5/d2.1/L6.0 for template guided surgery

M.27.03.D225L6 Titanium inner sleeve D3.5/d2.25/L6.0 for template guided surgery


Colourful drill sleeves not only for Mother’s Day

Colourful drill sleeves – tube in tube

Do you already know our “coloured” sleeves? The drill sleeves are anodised in different colours so that the user can tell them apart more easily. They have larger inner diameters than the already known sleeves in the double sleeve system and are available under the name CeHa drill sleeves.

An outer sleeve with a diameter of 4.5 mm (1 mm larger than the previously known double sleeves) makes it possible to guide even larger drills. A total of 14 different inner sleeves are available in diameters from 1.6 to 3.8 mm. The length is 5.0 mm. As usual, the sleeves are made of surgical titanium and have a funnel-shaped opening to be as easily accessible as possible for the drill.

How the double sleeve system works

The outer sleeve is fixed in the drilling template (press in or glue in). The easily exchangeable inner sleeves allow the surgical template to be adapted to the surgical instruments.

Of course, the inner sleeves can also be used directly in the surgical template without an outer sleeve if only one drill is to be guided.

The sleeve geometry is stored in the common implant planning programs (or will be published soon). This means that CeHa drill sleeves can be universally integrated into digitally created drill templates.

How to order?

A complete list of available drill sleeves and accessories can be found here. Look at the overview in which countries we have distributers. All others can order directly from us by e-mail.


New, plane Titanmagnetics available for obturators

The contact surfaces of the W-Line magnets are flat and can be used from both sides.

larger drill sleeves in double sleeve system

StecoGuide Bohrhülsen CeHa Doppelhülsen, universal drill sleeves für guided surgery

Tube in Tube drill sleeves – but bigger

A new double sleeve system is now available under the name CeHa-drill sleeves.

With an outer sleeve of 4.5 mm diameter (1 mm larger than universal system) it’s possible to guide more and larger drill diameters.

There are 14 different inner sleeve diameters from 1.6 to 3.8 mm available. The lengths is 5.0mm. The sleeves are made of surgical grade titanium and have a funnel shaped entry for easiey drill access.

how does the double sleeve principle work?

The outer sleeve is fixed in the surgical template (pressing or gluing). With the exchangeble inner sleeves the surgical template can be adapted to the different drill diameters.

Of course the inner sleeves can be used directly in the surgical guide without an outer sleeve.

The sleeve geometries are part of the Steco libraries of common implant planning software (or will be published soon). With this the CeHa drill sleeves can be used for digital surgical guide process.

Why another system?

The CeHa double sleeve system is not really new. We have been manufacturing the sleeves for many years and now take over the distributership from our partner C-Hafner. The sleeves used to be part of the CeHa Implant system (med3D).

How to order?

Get a complete list of the CeHa drill sleves and accessories here and order via email, phone or our distributors.