larger drill sleeves in double sleeve system

StecoGuide Bohrhülsen CeHa Doppelhülsen, universal drill sleeves für guided surgery

Tube in Tube drill sleeves – but bigger

A new double sleeve system is now available under the name CeHa-drill sleeves.

With an outer sleeve of 4.5 mm diameter (1 mm larger than universal system) it’s possible to guide more and larger drill diameters.

There are 14 different inner sleeve diameters from 1.6 to 3.8 mm available. The lengths is 5.0mm. The sleeves are made of surgical grade titanium and have a funnel shaped entry for easiey drill access.

how does the double sleeve principle work?

The outer sleeve is fixed in the surgical template (pressing or gluing). With the exchangeble inner sleeves the surgical template can be adapted to the different drill diameters.

Of course the inner sleeves can be used directly in the surgical guide without an outer sleeve.

The sleeve geometries are part of the Steco libraries of common implant planning software (or will be published soon). With this the CeHa drill sleeves can be used for digital surgical guide process.

Why another system?

The CeHa double sleeve system is not really new. We have been manufacturing the sleeves for many years and now take over the distributership from our partner C-Hafner. The sleeves used to be part of the CeHa Implant system (med3D).

How to order?

Get a complete list of the CeHa drill sleves and accessories here and order via email, phone or our distributors.