Open drill sleeve in 3Shape

open drill sleeve

The StecoGuide outer sleeve is now available in the laterally open version in 3Shape Implant Studio. The open outer sleeve is part of the universal StecoGuide double sleeve system (tube in tube). It allows an easier axess for the inner sleeve and the surgical drill in narrow space situations.

New drill sleeve library in 3Shape

The open outer sleeve is available in a separate library. To use the sleeve the library (open outer sleeve) has to be selected. It is shown beside the normal Steco library which contains all other StecoGuide drill sleeves. The new library contains only the open outer sleeve. It can be positioned in any height above the implant and can be rotated together with the implant to adjust the open side to the requirements. The open sides are automatically processed in the template construction.

A small instruction how to find StecoGuide drill sleeves in 3Shape Implant Studio is available in the  Download  area.

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